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Meet ClickUp - Your new best friend!

Kick Chaos to the Curb with ClickUp

Alright, you beautiful bunch! - This is one app that I simply could NOT live without in my business, so I want to share WHY it is amazing AF and why you need no matter how small your business is!

What the Hell is ClickUp anyway?

It is a project management system, but that just doesn't do it is so much more than that! This powerhouse combines all your essential tools into one sleek, powerful package, saving you from the dreaded app-juggling routine. (I have been there an no-one wants to have to flick between a zillion apps!)

My absolute FAV features (and this is just the tip of the iceberg):

  1. Custom Views: Adore lists? Obsessed with boards? Or maybe you’re a calendar junkie? Whatever your style, ClickUp adapts to you, not the other way around.

  2. Automations: Automate the mundane and focus on what really matters. Set up triggers for tasks, emails, and more.

  3. Team Collaboration: Streamline your team’s workflow like a pro. Assign, track, and update all in real time. It’s collaboration without the chaos. PLUS it has a built in time tracker!

  4. Integrations: ClickUp links seamlessly with your other apps. Yes, even Dubsado (like that's a surprise coming from me!). Automation is king here!

  5. Docs & Wikis: Centralise your docs and never lose your shit again. Keep all your files, notes, and client details in ClickUp where they belong. Apart from that secure stuff, that needs to go in Lastpass (that's one for another day).

Why It’s a Game-Changer: Forget flipping between a dozen apps. ClickUp brings task management, tracking, and team updates under one roof. It’s about getting more done with less—fewer apps, less stress, and no more digital clutter. - Dreamy AF right?!

Get organised with ClickUp

The best bit... you can use the FREE version, so it won't cost you a monthly fee.. until you get super hooked and want more and more from it, then we need to upgrade and create some super special magic!

If you are sick of forgetting things, feeling overwhelmed with the things you need to do, or need a streamlined way to manage and delegate... I got you!

Book a 1-2-1 ClickUp session with Katie and get Clickup tailored to your business. We'll tailor your ClickUp to streamline and sexy up your business processes.

Why just keep up when you can stay ahead?

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