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Katie Mellor - Let's streamline, automate & support your business!

Let's streamline, automate &
support your business!

Taking you from

overwhelmed to in control!

Individual Business Sessions

Email & Diary management

Social Media Content Creation


PA & Lifestyle Management

Course Set Up & Support

Virtual Assistant

Systems Audit

Process Mapping

System Set Ups

Streamlining & Automation

Funnels & Lead Magent Creation

Systems Strategist

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Katie Mellor, founder of Katie Mellor and Associates

No matter how small they seem, they have a nasty habit of building up quickly.


Imagine having room in your schedule to grow your business rather than focusing on the minor everyday details.


Whether you need a Systems Strategist or a Superhero Virtual Assistant we will have your back!

Are you overwhelmed with scattered systems, disjointed processes, and time-consuming tasks that are holding you back from doing what you love?

Systems Strategy & Virtual Assistant support to help you feel organised AF, streamlined & in control!

Katie Mellor - Systems Strategy & Virtual Assistant support to help you feel organised, streamlined & in control!

Proactive & flexible

Virtual Assistants

Forget about PAYE, statutory sick and holiday pay. Our VA’s operate remotely on a self-employed basis. Wherever you are and whatever tasks you need – we can be virtually by your side.


We’ve years of experience assisting various clients and their specific tasks such as system set ups, processes & automation, administrative support, and travel arrangements.

Our PA’s will organise your holidays, book food deliveries, manage spending budgets and more to help you feel in control.

Assisting with VAT returns, expenses management and raising invoices to enable healthy business finances.

Let us chase quotes, log support tickets and more to help you manage your admin effectively.

Launching a course and have no idea where to start? Your VA can do it for you, build, manage and implement anything you need!

Scheduling, management and reminder services will keep you on task, up to date and you’ll never miss an important meeting again.

Lifestyle Management


Customer Service

Course Set Ups

Email & Diary Management

KM Virtual Office - Proactive & flexible  Virtual Assistants

You are here to live, not get overwhelmed and stressed out. Let’s work together to build systems, streamline your processes & support you the way you need it!

It is no exaggeration to say that starting to work with Katie has been a complete game changer for my business. She is super efficient, knowledgeable and a fantastic communicator. The processes she's introduced me to have significantly streamlined the way I work day-to-day, and I trust her completely.

Our clients love

the way our brains work!

I am totally over-helmed!

I just don't like doing it, it's not my skill set

I don't know how to do it!

I just don't have time to do it.

Think about why you avoid doing tasks...

We all work differently and that’s OK. As a business owner, you may want to focus on the bigger picture and find the specifics emotionally too much to handle.

Others, like us, thrive on the smaller details and enjoy precision. Essentially we want to help you gain control of your working day, freeing up your time to work on the tasks you do love!

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