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The importance of mindset in business

Updated: Apr 26

The importance of mindset in business

Whether you’re an established VA or an entrepreneur in another field, positive thinking is going to be a huge tool for your ongoing success. When we start our VA business, or any business, it’s easy to be optimistic but as time goes on, it is very easy to let negativity set in. Here are some tips on how to keep a positive mindset, regardless of what is going on.


The power of mindset in your Virtual Assistant business is an excellent skill to learn.

However successful your business is or skilled you are in your job, it’s very human to simply have a bad day or feel overwhelmed by client work. You can be great at what you do, but you need to have a great mindset too. Below are some tips for reframing how you think.

Stop focusing on the negative

Try and focus on the positive, instead of the negative. If you’re starting a business or running one and you are constantly reminding yourself of all the bad things that could happen, you likely won’t last long. It’s important to focus on what could go right, instead of what could go wrong. It’s vital to turn your thinking process around and consider all the great things that your business will do for you and what it will do for others, what great service you have to offer and why all the skills you’ve learned make you great at what you do.

If you have a bad experience such as an unpleasant client or a project that doesn’t work out, choose to see what you can learn from the experience and use that to improve, instead of as an excuse to give up.

Re-frame your mindset

Learning to reframe events from negative experiences into positive ones takes some work, but there is a strategy you can put in place to change your belief system so your brain can handle the tough stuff better. In essence, your brain needs to believe something before it can help you change it.

So, if you are constantly telling yourself that something is hard, it will be hard. If you struggle with procrastination, it’s probably because you’ve told yourself something negative about that activity. In order to move through these thoughts, you need to instead flip what you are telling yourself.

Start telling yourself positive affirmations about tasks and client interactions, tell your mind that you are good at your job, that clients come to you easily and that you are capable. If you consistently tell your mind you are good at what you do, it will start to believe you and your outlook will be so much more positive.

Build resilience

There’s no way around it, business can be tough, and the VA industry is competitive. Things might not always go to plan. A client might not work out or you might have a string of difficult conversations all in one morning. If you are tired or frustrated, it can be easy to take things personally.

Building resilience is key here and a good skill to practice if you want to be in business. You must remember that things aren’t personal, and you are your client’s equal. If you have to have difficult conversations with clients, always include the facts, keep things brief and to the point and remember that business is business. This will help you to build resilience.

Take a step back

A really important mindset shift is also being able to take a step away from your clients and their needs so that you can see your business as a whole. You can become so immersed in the daily tasks of the business that unless you step back or surrender some control, you won’t be able to grow and move forward.

Your positive attitude and thought re-framing will be really handy here, as you need to objectively look at where you are currently at with your business and then see where you want to be. You then need to stay calm if you’re not yet where you want to be and start to put plans into action, instead of panicking!

For more advice and tips, have a read of some of our other blog posts and also, don’t forget we offer a mentoring programme if you feel like a mentor could help you improve in business.

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