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What can a Virtual Assistant help me with?

Updated: Apr 26

What can a Virtual Assistant help me with?

Perhaps you’d like someone to do your monthly expenses or manage your busy diary, but do you know the full list of services and tasks that a VA can help you with?


So, you’ve decided you need a little bit of extra support with your business and you’re looking into hiring a Virtual Assistant. You know that this is going to be a person or a company who you can outsource certain tasks to that you don’t have time for.

A lot of our clients sign up for just one service but it’s a revelation when they learn what else we can offer! Every business is different, we know that your needs will be bespoke, however in terms of services, they might fall on a broader scale into one of the sections below – so let’s explore.

PA and Admin Support

A VA can become your go-to for all things admin, as well as your own personal PA. From diary and inbox management through to booking meetings, filing, paperwork and maintaining spreadsheets, we can pick up the administrative tasks you haven’t time for. Part of our VA services is to get you feeling organised, so we’ll always go the extra mile to make suggestions to maximise efficiency. We know that each individual has different requirements, so we’ll bend around you to offer practical solutions that fit with your needs.

Finance Services

As VA’s, we can help with financial support which would otherwise have to be done by yourself or a finance department. From invoicing and expenses management through to payroll, credit control and VAT returns, it’s well worth discussing what elements we can support you with to take these time-consuming tasks off your hands.

Social Media Management

Don’t get time for social media? This is another area we can help with. The key with social media is consistency and it takes up a lot of time which, unsurprisingly, many of our clients don’t have. If you need someone to research and draft daily content and schedule it across all your platforms, then look no further. We can research and post content to your platforms and keep your pages up to date with organisation changes as and when needed.

HR Support

A lot of people don’t realise that we offer a full range of HR services at KM Virtual Office! If you could do with some ad-hoc support then we can help, whether you have 1 employee or 1000. From recruitment and selection through to training, contracts and employee absence management, we have a team on hand ready to help.

Property Management

Do you have a property portfolio to manage or a holiday home that causes you a fair bit of stress to look after? Or perhaps you rent out a home, or need help managing tenants. From managing a booking system for holiday lets, to the day-to-day maintenance issues of long or short-term tenants, we can ensure contracts are created, signed and saved – and keep a tight hold on rent payments for you! It’s remarkable how time consuming these tasks can be, so outsourcing to a VA could be a huge weight off your shoulders.

Lifestyle Management

Sometimes when you’re busy or working flat out, your personal life can take a hit and you find you haven’t got time to get certain things done. From booking the weekly shop through to organising social appointments, bookings and tasks around the house, we can take this off your hands with flexibility and discretion – we’re trustworthy and pride ourselves on this!

Bespoke Projects

The above is just a broad list of the tasks we can help you with, we can also assist with more bespoke projects from helping with website builds, setting up booking systems, developing online training programs and much, much more! So, if you there’s something you need support with but don’t see it listed above, please don’t let that put you off, just get in touch today for an informal chat – we’re a very friendly team.

We hope this service snapshot has been helpful and perhaps the real question is what can’t a VA help you with? As we’re pretty adaptable and we’ll always find a way to address all your requirements.

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